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oversized wall tiles

Scrabble - Decor - Oversized Wall Tiles

These wall tiles are great for any room in the house! Spell the word "baby" in your new baby's room or "library" near your bookcase! Learn how to make these terrific wall tiles here!

desk set

Scrabble - Decor - Desk Set

A great addition to any home or work office! Find out how to make this craft here!

thanksgiving wreath

Scrabble - Decor - Wreath

Would you like to see this on your front door? Check out how to make it here! Use your imagination to convert this wreath into a Christmas or Easter theme!

pillow cases

Scrabble - Decor - Pillowcases

Would you like to see this on your bed or couch? Learn how to make it here!

letters (for any use!)

Scrabble - Decor - Oversized Letters

These are great oversized letters you can use anywhere! Even as a halloween costume! See how to make them here!

magnets (for any use!)

Scrabble - Decor - Magnets

Magnets you can use any where - maybe on your filing cabinet in the office or on the refrigerator in the kitchen for kids to play with! How do you make these magnets? Find out here!



replica games

free play replica scrabble game
framed board with magnet letters

Replica - Scrabble - Free Play Scrabble Game (framed board with magnet letters)

This is my personal all time favorite scrabble theme craft! Learn how to make this here!

backyard scrabble game

Scrabble - Replica - Backyard Game

Sure I'd love to play Scrabble in my backyard! How do I make a backyard scrabble game? Find outhere!



food & party

wedding cake

Scrabble - Food - Wedding Cake


Scrabble - Food - Cookies

Delish! How do I make these cookies? Follow this instructions!

wedding planning

Scrabble - Celebration - Wedding

Planning a wedding? How about a scrabble themed wedding? This "how-to" guide takes you from the proposal to the honeymoon!

Need a bit more wedding inspirations? See more scrabble themed wedding inspiration here!



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I sure would enjoying see it…please email me a selection of high quality photos with crafting instructions to my idea. We thank you for your submission, however not all crafts will be able to be featured on the website.